Vaccinations or Titre Tests (Mandatory)

Proof of vaccinations or Titre test, administered by your Veterinarian, must be provided for all dogs that board with us. Owners are required to show proof annually to ensure all dogs that board with us have sufficient immunity levels.

Bordetella Bronchiseptica Vaccine (Mandatory) – commonly known as kennel cough vaccine

All dogs must have this vaccine done annually. If a client chooses to have Titres tests done, please note, this vaccine must still be given because Titre tests cannot measure the level of immunity.

Please discuss with your Veterinarian to determine the best option for your pet.

During the peak flea/tick/worm season, your pet must be flea/tick/worm free when boarding with us. Please contact your Vet to discuss the best prevention method for your pet. We reserve the right to refuse services or admittance of any pet that does not meet these requirements