Individual Care and Attention – we only rent the cottage to one client at a time. You can leave your cat knowing they are provided with a space that is heated, clean, secure and dog free.

Cottage – large (12ft x 12ft) and includes a two storey carpet condo, climbing post, toys, chair and a window for natural light. We also provide litter box, litter and dishes.

Exercise/Playtime – An exercised cat, is a happy cat. There is lots of room for your cat(s) to be active. Window provides a nice spot for your cat to sit in the sun, watch the birds and see Kat when she is out with the dogs.

Diet – we feed according to your instructions. Please bring along your pet’s food and extra, just in case you are delayed. We avoid any discomfort your pet may have due to changes in diet and schedule. We also supply dishes for all the cats.

Medication/Supplements/Vitamins – administered as per your instructions, at no additional cost.