Individual Care and Attention – Clients have peace of mind knowing their pet(s) are provided with their own personal space. Only dogs from the same household share kennels.

Kennels – large, clean, heated and secure. Inside kennel (4ft x 5ft), with attached outside run (5ft x 10ft). Outside runs are covered, protecting your pet(s) from the elements (rain, wind, snow and sun) and allowing them to enjoy the outdoors year round. At night, outside runs are closed.

Exercise/Playtime – Each dog or dogs from the same family are taken to a secure, 6 foot fenced area for off leash fun several times throughout the day. We are always with them. Great time for each guest or guests from the same family to get one on one attention. Off leash area, with lots of toys to be active playing and running. Wooden deck area to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Diet – Owner is responsible for bringing their pet’s food. We feed according to your instructions. It is important to keep their diet the same. Sudden change in food or schedule can be difficult for some dogs and not recommended by Veterinarians.

Medication/Supplements/Vitamins – administered as per your instructions, at no additional cost.